Meet Sheila E. Sapp

I am a former teacher, reading specialist, school administrator, and author. My years of experience working with parents, students, teachers, families, and leaders (school and businesses) equipped me with skills, strategies, and techniques to help others become empowered and fulfilled. I know and understand how it feels to have unfulfilled goals, dreams, and desires.  

During a dark period in my personal and professional career, I discovered 5 basic principles needed for healing, wholeness, and growth. As a result of my transformation, experiences, and journey, it is now my mission and passion to assist others through my business, Sheila E. Cares Educational Consulting and Services, LLC. 

I am now freer as a person, wife, mother, and professional.

I have a caring and supportive husband and daughter.

I specialize in encouraging and empowering others to be regardless of their capabilities, socioeconomic status, and educational backgrounds. 

I can help you become that person you dream about or desire. 

I equip individuals with appropriate tools/skills needed to unleash their full potential.

I help individuals start on a path leading to a transformed and renewed life. 

I utilize my years of expertise as an educator to provide consulting, trainings, seminars, coaching, mentoring, and speaking services for clients.

I am a vendor for community events and a presenter for conferences and workshops.

I am fulfilling my mission and passion one person at a time.