Work with Sheila E. Cares

Educational Consulting and Services, LLC

Sheila E. Cares provides a variety of workshops, presentations, seminars, and services designed to meet specific needs and skill sets of interested clientele. I can help anyone become a better version of themselves
using my expertise and passion for empowering others. With many years of experience, a passion for people, and dedication to my craft, I am able to guide and assist clients on their journey to fulfillment and greatness.Whether it be coaching, speaking, mentoring, or simply chatting, I am committed to developing a blueprint of success and goal achievement for anyone who is ready to level up and soar into new horizons.

Parents and Caregivers

Workshops (Hands On)

Make It and Take It Workshops-Parents/Caregivers are instructed how to make hands-on instructional learning activities and games to develop and foster reading and/or mathematics readiness skills at home.

Make It and Take it Writing Workshop– Parents/Caregivers are instructed how to nurture, develop, and encourage writing in children using simple instructional activities, techniques, and writing projects to promote an interest in writing.

Raising Readers– Parents/Caregivers are provided strategies, activities, and techniques to implement at home to encourage a love for reading.


Developing and Building Self-Esteem and Self-Confidence in Children and Youth-Participants will have the opportunity to explore, discuss, and share the importance of self-esteem and self-confidence for children and youth. The presenter will discuss and demonstrate specific games, activities, and tools to nurture self-esteem and self-confidence at home.

Raising Readers and Writers– Participants will learn specific techniques, strategies, and ideas to convert their homes into creative learning labs to encourage their children’s interest in reading and writing.

Creating a Positive and Nurturing Learning Home Environment-Participants will learn and explore the importance of creating a positive and stimulating learning environment in their home. The presenter shares specific questions parents/caregivers need to answer to assess their beliefs about learning and how to create a home environment to enhance learning and inquisitive minds.

Turning Ordinary Chores into Extraordinary Learning Activities-Participants will learn and explore how to turn everyday mundane ordinary household chores into instructional learning activities to teach or reinforce early reading and mathematics readiness skills for children ages 3-7.

Teachers and Leaders


Developing the Leader in You- Participants will explore, share, and discuss different aspects of being a leader and what it means to them. The presenter will briefly share her experiences as a leader and discuss basic principles and character traits needed to be an effective leader. Also, techniques and strategies to develop or improve leadership skills will be examined and discussed.

Nurturing and Loving Yourself- Participants will discuss and examine the importance of self-love and self-care.  Upon the completion of the session, each person will leave with a plan for self-love and self-care designed to meet their specific need (s).

Connecting and Communicating-Participants will learn the importance of communicating effectively and what factors to consider when connecting with parents and stakeholders. Participants will develop and draft a specific plan to communicate and connect with their target audiences.

Managing and Working with Difficult People-Participants will examine and discuss the problems or issues they face managing and working with difficult people in the workplace. Selected types of people who are difficult to manage or work with on the job will be presented and discussed. Recommended strategies and techniques to assist participants in responding to and managing difficult personnel and/or clients will be provided during the session.

Learning Lessons from Messes and Successes-Participants will share, examine, and explore incidents experienced that were trying, humbling, or successful as school leaders or business managers. An open “judgement free” discussion will be conducted to allow for a sharing and learning. Participants will gain new insights and knowledge firsthand hearing how other leaders respond to situations/incidents along with their recommended strategies, techniques, and solutions.


Consult Chat $25 per 30 mins
Workshops $50 per hour
Presentations $50 per hour
Coaching/Mentor $50 per hour
Seminars $100 per hour
Parent Advocate $50 per hour
$3500 (Negotiable) travel/food