I’m honored to share with you about my relationship with Dr. Sapp as a mentor, friend, and business partner. She is one of the most intelligent, humble persons I have known. 

Dr. Sapp and I began working together in 1986 as she was my supervisor at our school Under her guidance, our curriculum strategies improved, and we quickly

became confident about strategy implementation. As a leader, she was involved with us, helping do action research. She also assisted us in gathering data, designing solutions, and cheering us on each step of the way. Because of her mentoring, I became a school administrator and braved many worlds of which I did not think I could succeed in…..because of Sheila E. Sapp, I became a more confident leader because she cared about me and believed in me. 

As a friend, Dr. Sapp embodies her slogan “Sheila E. Cares”. As a friend and mentor over the years she always has a caring heart, an open mind as she listens, and an empowering message that always helps your belief in yourself and your mission become stronger! Her work with companies, businesses, and private citizens will definitely help all reach the goals set forth because Dr. Sapp is well-trained in helping your team develop stronger, more effective skills that will yield success. 

As a business partner in Sapp & Bruce, Dr. Sapp was always creative, proactive, engaged, and open for collaboration with our clients and within our team. I enjoyed her upbeat attitude, her desire to help others succeed, and her attention to peoples’ needs. She’s one of the wisest, most dedicated persons I have ever worked with over the years. As she forges ahead with Sheila E. Cares, she is dedicated to the mission of helping others see possibilities and showing her clients there is always hope and ways to solve today‘s challenges in anticipation of tomorrow‘s success! 

Darlene Bruce
Former School Administrator & College Supervisor
Arbonne International Area Manager

 Dr. Sheila E. Sapp is a wealth of knowledge and a great resource in the community. She is always a delight and able to keep children engaged when participating as a vendor in our community festivals, including our Rock the Books back to school festival and Glow Up 5K for Suicide prevention. Dr. Sapp has also been an awesome resource for parents participating in our virtual learning support group. I would highly recommend Dr. Sapp and her consulting services. 

Mrs. Ailetha Turner, Heart of Benevolence