“I Want to Be Famous and Recognized!”

August 5, 2023

The story about the young woman from Alabama who faked her own kidnapping dominated the news and went viral. I was very concerned when the story first broke, but for some reason, for me, something didn’t seem quite right. A toddler walking along the side of a road and no one else seeing him? Well, we know what the end result was. The story had been made up, not a stitch of truth. When this was announced, I must admit I was a little judgmental. But then, the truth was told, and an apology given. My next thought was who am I to judge? It seems that we are living during a time where lies are accepted as truths and truths branded as lies. You really have to monitor what you listen to, read, and hear spoken.

Why are we as a culture desperate to be recognized, honored, validated, and heard? Look at the wealth of influencers that are popping up everywhere. Everybody seems to have a podcast on any topic you can think of. Why are we not satisfied with being who God created us to be? We spend many hours and money striving to obtain our own “tribe” of people. Once we have our tribe, then we pitch and sell whatever we are pedaling to them. Granted there are people who are actually helping others achieve their goals or overcome setbacks. There are also, however, influencers that take advantage of individuals who want to be famous and successful by charging outrages prices for mediocre services. Buyers beware! Make sure you check their past and current services. Have conversations with former clients and check their track record of success. Don’t be so desperate for success, recognition, and notoriety that you’re willing to pay or do anything to achieve what you crave and desire.

I hope the young woman receives the help and support she needs to go on with her life. In general, we as parents and caregivers, need to aware of “hero syndrome” in our child/children. I haven’t researched my theory but, I feel that I can safely say that the seed is nurtured and develops early. The seed grows as children mature depending on their ‘experiences” in the home environment. We need to stay emotionally in tune with our children as well as ourselves. If not, we’ll have more stories and incidents occurring. There’s nothing wrong with being a kind and caring person with a heart for people.

What are your thoughts? Have you ever felt small and insignificant? At what lengths were you willing to go to be the one? How did you deal with your feelings of inadequacy?

Sheila E. Cares!
Email: sheilasapp@sheilaecares.com

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