“I Was Born in 1999”

Hi Friends and Fellow Seasoned Celebrities!
I hope everyone had a blessed Christmas and peaceful New Year. It’s hard to believe that we are in 2023. How are you stepping into year 2023? Are you optimistic about what this year will bring? Also, are you ready for new challenges, goals, and experiences? This past week while taking care of a personal matter at the bank, I was politely reminded of my age by a very pleasant and sweet young woman. We were looking at a document I had signed in 1999 and she remarked, “I was born in 1999!” Of course, several thoughts ran through my head and a smart comeback was on the very tip of my tongue, but I held it in. I’ve been working on not saying the first thing that comes to my mind. Sometimes we get bent out of shape when really no harm was meant by the individual. Once you let something hurtful come out, you can’t retrieve it. I decided to flip the switch and look at the positive side with a different perspective.

God blessed me with the years I have been on His Earth. I lived to see 2023 and hope to see more according to His will. I look in the mirror from time to time and see a mature and wise woman standing before me. I am retired and no longer have a job I have to report to weekly. I am grateful and thankful for the challenges and experiences I have had. I know I will have more as I live this life. I have reached a season in my life where I am ready to serve as a mentor, friend, coach, and encourager for those who were born in 1999 and up. I still have dreams and obtain joy and happiness in simple and everyday things. When I go out to feed the birds and my bushy-tailed friends in the morning, I look up at the sky and marvel at the clouds, trees, and sunlight. Looking at God’s creation all around me eases any stress or tension I may be feeling at any moment. Do you take time to lose your self in nature and the outdoors? Do you respect and honor every wrinkle, grey hair, aching back, and sore knee on your body? I do. It’s a blessing to wake up in your right mind and be able to greet another day. Each day presents an opportunity to grow, love, forgive, let go, and spread God’s love.

I think we should do away with the term senior citizens. It has a lot of negative perceptions and perspectives attached to it. We should be called seasoned celebrities. We are well seasoned by our experiences and wisdom gained through the years. We’re valuable resources of information, skills, and expertise. In my opinion, anyone who has reached the age of a seasoned celebrity should walk around with his/her head held high. Let an attitude of gratitude follow you where ever you go. I would love to hear the thoughts of others. Join my campaign and be known as a seasoned celebrity.
Sheila E.

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